Olivia Kortas

Olivia Kortas is a German-Polish freelance reporter. She specialized in European politics and foreign journalism. For her stories she stayed several weeks in countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and Poland. She aims to show how politics effects people's lives.


Coen van de Ven

Coen van de Ven is a Dutch political theorist and journalist who covers a variety of topics; from the aftermath of the Yugoslav wars to the refugee crisis in Greece. And from the increased tensions between Russia and the West to the relation between new technology and power structures. Coen simply likes to be there where politics influences daily life. 


Kasper Goethals

Kasper Goethals is a journalist from Belgium. He has reported on famine in Venezuela, war in Ukraine and modern slavery in Qatar. Most of his work traces migration, bringing him to countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Italy, Tunisia and to the deadly desert routes in Niger. And inside Russia, he investigated the military stand-off with NATO. On his travels, Kasper sat down with countless refugees, many ministers and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. But also with vicious soldiers, smugglers and the corrupt friends of dictators. His goal is always to translate big geo-political change to ordinary lives.

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Johannes De Bruycker

Johannes De Bruycker is freelance documentary photographer, video maker and founder of The Caravan's Journal. He combines his education with international projects, in search of intense stories of relationships between people and their environment. He has worked with National Geographic photographer Dos Winkel, photo agency NOOR and he collaborated on Johan Grimonprez' documentary SHADOW WORLD on international arms trade.


Adriaan De Loore

Adriaan De Loore is a cameraman and film maker. He travels a lot through Europe to capture stories that matter. Adriaan mainly covers European affairs. He is currently the professional cameraman for DW's correspondent office in Brussels. He travelled with the Caravan to Myanmar, Greece and Jerusalem and captured a lot of beautiful moments and important stories.