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chasing the socialist dream in venezuela

Hugo Chávez died five years ago and the same goes for his legacy. Traveling through Venezuela, we found a mess of economic experiments, corruption and undemocratic reforms.


No refuge for Iraqi US-translator

For Al Jazeera we followed Murad, an Iraqi translator for the US army. He became a refugee when militants threatened his life. He tried his luck in fortress Europe but remains in limbo.


Playing football on the ruins of genocide

In the Bosnian town Srebrenica, where 8,000 men were killed in Europe's last genocide, a new generation tries to overcome the past on the local football pitch.


living on the edge of the Cold War

Putin and the West are engaged in an aggressive geopolitical chess game that resembles Cold War feelings. The Russian exclave Kaliningrad between Poland and Lithuania is a new frontline. 


Who votes for wilders?

Far-right politician Geert Wilders has already shown that he doesn't need to be part of a government to steer the Netherlands in his own nationalist direction. 'Even if he doesn't win as a person, his views and ideas will.'


The Polish plane crash conspiracy

Eight years ago, Poland's President Lech Kaczyński was killed in a plane crash. This story unravels how this accident became a murder, this murder a myth and how it has started to dominate Poland's politics.


Winter in the New soviet union

Despite Winter, the war in East Ukraine goes on. In a forgotten area behind the frontline, Soviet memories are revived while the economy has collapsed and authoritarianism has been introduced.