To celebrate the third year anniversary of The Caravan's Journal, we bring you Nestor. Our very first magazine about Eastern Europe and its relation with the West.

Europe is amid a ‘perfect storm’. Renewed tensions between Russia and the European Union, mass migration and continued inequality between its members contribute to an explosive cocktail. One would expect European member states to join forces and remember its ideology of ‘never again war’, which once inspired closer cooperation. But the opposite is often true. Leaders tap into mutual distrust and blindly accuse each other of betraying European values.

We bring you ‘Nestor’, a magazine on Central and Eastern Europe, created by The Caravan’s Journal. Our storytelling from ten different countries deals with some of the core issues that define the region today. Nestor aims to ignore taboos, demolish stereotypes and counter dominant narratives from Brussels and Warsaw. The reporters cross the Oder-Neisse and walk along the Danube. Walk in their footsteps to discover the traits of young democracies. Full of pride, eagerness and resentment. It’s Nestor’s ambition to start a debate and provoke questions, to ultimately foster more understanding and mutual respect.

The first Nestor-event took place in May 2018 in the city of Ghent. Other events and the release of Nestor will follow in Autumn. Make sure that you stay up-to-date through our newsletter.