Myanmar 2017

Myanmar is curled up between the two biggest Asian tigers, China and India. After decades of authoritarian rule, the country is opening up for visitors. After a successful program in 2015 in the land of golden temples and forgotten stories, we decided to return to this amazing country.

This training event took us through the country for ten days. The participants were pushed to their limits in photography, journalism and visual storytelling. Whether they were a young professional, a committed amateur or a student looking for advanced field experience, with this workshop gave them the opportunity to personally meet and learn from incredible mentors such as the renowned documentary photographer Andre Malerba.



On every we encourage our participants to dig deep, to find a good story that can be published. We help them with the progress, from storybuilding to selling the story, and are proud to see the results.


Microcredit experiments in myanmar  

Stefanie De Nijs discovered some unconventional microcredit experiments in Myanmar and wrote about it for MO*: "Hoe kleingeld voor grote veranderingen zorgt in Myanmar"



Songs of change

Arne Adam Aelterman en Jonathan Vanooteghem succeeded to publish four videos for Vranckx & De Nomaden about censorship in the music industry. You can watch their videos here. They also created their own website to collect the stories they discovered in Myanmar.