Jerusalem 2017

On sunny days, hundreds of minarets, domes and church towers shiver in the light on Jerusalem’s seven hills. Crowds of pilgrims and merchants flock the narrow streets to kiss crosses, pray to the Temple Wall or visit holy Islamic sites. For thousands of years, Jerusalem has been a popular stop for nomads and caravans, exchanging spices, precious gems and ancient stories.

Obviously it is also the heart of a complex conflict that has been boiling for seventy years. This Caravan brought a group of participants to the heart of the old city, to discover Israel and Palestine and to peel through the layers of conflict, wander through cultural marvels and tell old and new stories.

PUblished WORK from the PARTICIPANTS

On every we encourage our participants to dig deep, to find a good story that can be published. We help them with the progress, from storybuilding to selling the story, and are proud to see the results.


‘Every Day is a Bad Day at Qalandiya Checkpoint’: Special Report

Viktor Bournonville, one of our participants published a story in The Palestine Chronicle about the checkpoints Palestinian workers have to pass every day. 

Jeruzalem 2.JPG


Elise Roels travelled with us to Jeruzalem and the conflect left a deep impression on her. She wanted to do more and talked about it on a television show on television network Eén: Van Gils & Gasten