Athens 2016

Our second international training event brought us to Athens. We traveled to the birthplace of democracy with participants from different European countries, to learn and report from the front line of our times. Greece is suffering from two big crises. The economy is broken and being at the border of Europe is proving to be a huge challenge. While young Greeks struggle to find jobs, thousands of refugees are stranded there.

We worked together with VICE Greece, the homeless paper, BBC, the Press Project, workers of UNHCR, MSF and other local journalists, activists and aid workers. In a series of masterclasses, discussions and field activities, our participants dived straight into the complexity of a crisis under the surface. Read a reportage about the project in Athens here.


Published work from participants

On every we encourage our participants to dig deep, to find a good story that can be published. We help them with the progress, from storybuilding to selling the story, and are proud to see the results.


News item in Knack 

Willem de Maeseneer wrote a news article for - "Lesbos: Belgische vrijwilligster aangevallen en vastgehouden op zee"


homeless in athens

Koba Ryckewaert wrote an article about Shedia, street paper sold by homeless people in Athens and Thessaloniki. 


Vincent unites initiatives

One of our participants, Vincent Cardon created a video story for Vranckx & De Nomaden, together with Adriaan De Loore and Sofyan El Bouchtili.