Do you want to travel and learn from the best mentors in the fields of photography, journalism and visual storytelling? Are you ambitious, ready to share skills and eager to learn? Then you are invited to apply for our unique ten-day training event in Athens, the cradle of democracy.


Training Event

On the brink between East and West, the Greek capital is a meeting place of the modern and the classical, different cultures and philosophies. The city is the ideal setting for storytelling, with the highest debt in the Eurozone, a pressing migrant crisis and solidarity movements emerging from the bottom-up.

After a successful project in 2016 in this land of ancient temples and emerging stories, we are returning for another ten-days training event.

You will be pushed to your limits in photography, journalism and visual storytelling. Whether you are a young professional, a committed amateur or a student looking for advanced field experience, with this workshop you will get the opportunity to personally meet and learn from incredible mentors.

 ©Robbe Vandegehuchte

©Robbe Vandegehuchte

We are looking for the most ambitious and passionate young storytellers to join us in Athens. The objectives of this journey are to motivate and guide storytellers in the world of international reporting and foster long-lasting cooperation between young and ambitious people. You will be working and traveling in a group which will challenge you to collaborate across borders, cultures and professional backgrounds. On this trip, we will provide all the ingredients to feed your curiosity, allowing you to produce content worthy of international publication.

The Caravan’s Journal prides itself in working with local independent talents and prestigious, established organisations. Over the past years, we have worked together with mentors at the United Nations, the BBC and Pulitzer Prize winners. For this trip, we guarantee a variety of great speakers who understand the country in depth and are in the business of shaping or capturing the change that the empire is undergoing.


 © Johannes De Bruycker

© Johannes De Bruycker

September 10 - 20

Costs participants
Course fees: €300
Local costs*: €450

Total 10-day package: €750

* Includes accommodation, editorial floor and a trip to the islands.

Travel details
The cost and organisation of travelling to Athens are your own responsibility. This allows all participants to freely plan holidays or projects before and after the training event.


During the journey, our team will follow and guide you as a group. They will assist with advice and information as well as give practical workshops.

Johannes De Bruycker (Coordinator) Johannes is the founder of The Caravan's Journal and a freelance photo/videojournalist. During his travels, he came up with the idea of combining an educational and professional network of storytellers. He coordinated events and projects with a variety of inspiring people and believes strongly in cross-border collaboration.

Elise Hermans
Elise is the new intern of The Caravan's Journal and manages the communication and application process for Athens 2018. She is more than willing to answer your burning questions:

 © Johannes De Bruycker

© Johannes De Bruycker



Athens is preparing to repay its debts and exit the eight-year dependency on EU bailouts. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has declared an economic recovery. Meanwhile, a fifth of Greeks are still unemployed and nearly half a million Greeks have tried their luck in Western Europe since the crisis began. The migrant issue is still very present on the Athenian streets. Nearly 60,000 asylum-seekers are trapped in Greece due to the closure of the Balkan migration route, as the EU remains divided over how to welcome and share burdens for arriving migrants and refugees.

The large influx of migrants and the economic disparity gave rise to mass protests and extreme left- and right wing political fractions, who often clash in public. 

While some protestors focused their efforts on violence, others gathered in the city squares and discussed solidarity, alternative economic models and the possibilities of a social economy. This way, they are trying to tackle some of Greece’s most significant social challenges, especially poverty and unemployment, in a new and refreshing way. 

Finally, Athens is the birthplace of democracy, which makes the city the ideal setting to examine and discuss the challenges of authoritarianism, populism and civic participation. With different opinions on identity, diversity, division and inclusion on virtually every street corner, participants are bound to be inspired to challenge their own views. 

During this reporting trip, participants will take part in workshop sessions and work together with mentors, hereby improving their general understanding of the hosting country and their skills as a storyteller.

Applications will be open until the 1st of August, 2018.

Travel far, inspire others and share stories. Apply now: Contact:



September 10 – Monday
Arrival and group dinner in the evening.

September 11 – Tuesday
Topics:  Journey introduction + Visit Athens

Session 1: Introduction and outline of journey schedule
Session 2: Story ideas and Get to know each other
Session 3: Info-session Shedia Newspaper
Session 4: Alternative tour through Athens
Session 5: Free time

September 12 – Wednesday
Topics: Stories in Greece + Reporting

Session 1: Introduction & masterclass on storytelling in Greece
Session 2: SOOC - Covering Riots & Rise of far right

Session 3: Press Project – Investigative journalism
Session 4: Free time
Session 5: Meeting with fixers + Screening (TBA)

September 13 – Thursday
Topics: Democracy & Politics + Feedback sessions

Session 1: Introduction + Masterclass
Session 2: Oikomedia - accountability of journalists in a democracy

Session 3: Dialogos Radia & Media - Greece in crisis
Session 4: Athens Storytelling Festival - Life stories during an economic war
Session 5: Feedback

September 14 – Friday
Topics: Refugees & Story production

Session 1: Introduction + Masterclass
Session 2: Ministry of education – Refugee crisis & solutions

Session 3: BBC - Story production
Session 4: Story production
Session 5: Social event

September 15 + 16 – Saturday / Sunday
Topics: Island trip + Social Activities + Storytelling workshop

September 17 – Monday
Topics: Pitching your story + Story production

Session 1: Introduction on Pitching & Selling
Session 2: VICE News Agency: Covering Stories in Greece
Session 3: Story production
Session 4: Story production
Session 5: Social event

September 18 – Tuesday
Topics: Pitching your story + Story production

Session 1: Introduction on Pitching & Selling
Session 2: Story production

Session 3: Story production
Session 4: Story production
Session 5: Social event

September 19 – Wednesday
Topics: Wrap up + New York Times Athens Democracy Forum ‘Mock Trial’

Session 1: Wrap up session: present your stories
Session 2: New York Times ‘Mock trial’ with speakers from The New York Times and other media organizations.

Session 3: New York Times Event
Session 4: Networking
Session 5: Dinner & Party

September 20 – Thursday
Departure day