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Do you want to travel and learn from the best mentors in the fields of photography, journalism and visual storytelling? Are you ambitious, ready to share skills and dying to learn? Then you are invited to apply for our unique two-week-long training event in Myanmar.

Training Event

Myanmar is curled up between the two biggest Asian tigers, China and India. After decades of authoritarian rule, the country is opening up for visitors. After successful projects in 2015 and 2017 in this land of golden temples and forgotten stories, we are returning for another two week training event.

This training event will take you through the country for two weeks. You will be pushed to your limits in photography, journalism and visual storytelling. Whether you are a young professional, a committed amateur or a student looking for advanced field experience, with this workshop you will get the opportunity to personally meet and learn from incredible mentors such as the renowned documentary photographer Andre Malerba.

 ©Andre Malerba

©Andre Malerba

We are looking for the most ambitious and passionate young storytellers to join us in Myanmar. The objectives of this journey are to motivate and guide young storytellers in the world of international reporting and foster long-lasting cooperation between young and ambitious people. You will be working and traveling in a group which will challenge you to collaborate across borders, cultures and professional backgrounds. On this trip, you should have all the ingredients to feed your curiosity, allowing you to produce content worthy of international publication.

The Caravan’s Journal prides itself in working with local independent talents and prestigious, established organisations. Over the past years, we have worked together with mentors at the United Nations, the BBC and Pulitzer Prize winners. For this trip, we guarantee you a variety of great speakers who understand the country in depth and are in the business of shaping or capturing the change that the empire is undergoing.


July 1 – July 14

Costs participants
Course fees: €400
Local costs*: €450

Total 14-day package: €850

* Includes accommodation, Breakfast, Editorial floor, Local transport and a unique, 4-day trekking to Shan State.

Travel details
The costs and organisation of travelling to Yangon are your own responsibility. This allows all participants to freely plan holidays or projects before and after the training event.

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During the journey, our team will follow and guide you as a group. They will assist with advice and practical information as well as give practical workshops.

Johannes De Bruycker (Coordinator) Johannes is the founder of The Caravan's Journal. During his travels, he came up with the idea of combining an educational and professional network of storytellers. He has worked as a documentary photographer and videographer all over the world, including recent projects in Greece, Bosnia and Ukraine. He coordinated events and projects with a variety of inspiring people and believes strongly in cross-border collaboration.

Andre Malerba (Head mentor)
Andre Malerba was on Magnum’s 30 under 30 photographers list in February 2015. His work has been published internationally in print and online at:, BBC, Al Jazeera America, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Global Post, Pro Photographer Magazine, among others. He has collaborated with various NGOs including Save The Children International, Natural Resource Governance Institute, Médecins Sans Frontières and WORTH, producing both still images and multimedia projects.

In Myanmar there will be other mentors too, read about them here.



Between the world’s largest Democracy: India, and the world’s largest economy: China, lies a land that is still mostly unknown to the outside world. In 2012, after five decades of authoritarian rule, Myanmar (also known as Burma) has re-opened its doors to the outside world. This golden land, known for its ancient culture and Buddhist tradition is an Asian cub, eager to take its place amongst the fully-grown tigers.

Many had high expectations of the promised General Elections in 2015. Nobel prize winner and long time political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi had re-entered the political scene and was hoping to lead the country into a new era. An internal reform process has begun and international sanctions have faded. In these first steps of the country’s path to becoming a democratic society, changes towards a free and independent media have started. But there is a long road ahead. The country continues to make headlines with appalling treatment of Muslim minorities and mass migration towards Bangladesh.

During this reporting trip, participants will take part in workshop sessions and work together with mentors, hereby improving their general understanding of the hosting country and their skills as a storyteller.

Applications will be open until May 24, 2018.