We just launched our own magazine. Nestor is an independent magazine of 100 pages, full of stories on Central and Eastern Europe. It features interviews with famous politicians, original artwork, reportages from across the continent and sharp satire. In the magazine’s foreword, Geert Mak calls the small group of reporters behind the stories ‘modern spies of king democracy’. The journalism in Nestor is young, slow and timeless.

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Our Collective

The Caravan's Journal is a collective of five young reporters from different countries. Our mission is to increase understanding across borders, to contribute to the highest quality journalism in Europe and to train a new generation of young storytellers. 

The Caravan's Journal does two things. Firstly, we provide practical and inspirational education in the field, during workshops and training events across the world. We have travelled to countries like Greece and Hungary, but also Colombia, Myanmar and China, to prepare and organise journeys for young photographers, academics, artists and other storytellers. For more information, visit Caravan.

Secondly, The Caravan's Journal specialises in quality journalism across borders. Our five core members, from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands, work for the best media in Europe and the world. Since we started in 2015, the collective has produced articles, documentaries and a magazine, with reports from over twenty countries. Our work has won prizes, dealing with geopolitics and the human condition in our changing world. For more information, visit Journal.

All photography by Johannes De Bruycker


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